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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

    Your refund/replacement/return request may take up to 3 days to be reviewed by a trained agent. We’ll send an email notification once your refund request has been approved or denied. If your account is not linked to any email, you are able to see the decision in your iHerb account messages.

    Some banks may charge an additional amount on top of the order total for international purchases. Also, some banks undergo a small charge payment verification. Customers are never charged twice. The first apparent charge is a “Pending Authorization”. This is not a charge as the money is on-hold until the order ships. The second apparent charge for the same amount is simply the “Pending Authorization” hold being processed and payment being made for the order.

    2 to 7 working days

    We do not accept prepaid cards and recommend trying another payment method. We also suggest contacting the card issuer for further help. To learn more about what may be occurring, please read this short

    1. Go to the ‘Orders page of your account.
    2. Locate the order you need an invoice for and select ‘Order Details‘.
    3. Select the ‘View Invoice‘ link.
    4. Select ‘Print‘ to download and print your invoice.